Seeking healthcare companies in IoT, Blockchain & more for unique collaboration & demonstration opportunity

Is your company doing cool work in IoT-Medical, Blockchain, mHealth or Devices on FHIR? If so, read on because we seek creative companies doing great things in healthcare, either market ready or still in development for a unique collaboration & brand-building opportunity.

Health technologies are expanding the marketplace exponentially making it more difficult than ever to catch target audience interest and prove product relevance.  And with the newer tech – such as the categories listed below – proving market viability and readiness can be even more difficult.  Learn, get traction & gain visibility by participating in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Plug-A-Thon 2018. There are has four special tracks for 2018.  Where does your company fit?

  • Track 1: mHealth 
  • Track 2: Devices on FHIR
  • Track 3: Blockchain – Healthcare
  • Track 4:  Internet of Things(IoT) – Medical.

Each track will explore and create new capabilities for products to interoperate with each other within or across IT realms of the healthcare ecosystem.

IHE Plug-a-thons provide a venue for connectivity options and opportunities to be discussed and developed by partner systems for targeted use cases, plus introductory presentations to increase awareness of existing health IT standards that can be leveraged.  

The Plug-a-thon tracks will run January 16-18, 2018 at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland.  Link to learn more:  or contact me at

Thank you and I look forward to many interesting conversations.

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IHE USA Plug-A-Thon 2018 Info